T-ara’s Soyeon’s “Scandal” is a Dumb Thing Thanks to Core Content Media


What’s this? A supposed scandal involving a T-ara member? What happened now, did Eunjung storm to the headquarters of SM Entertainment to beat down Sulli for jacking her entire look? Did Hyomin gut punch Hwayoung’s twin sister because she was bored? Um, no. Instead, it’s because Soyeon may have been guilty by association for going along with some stupid gossip about a girl named “Stitch” who is assumed by netizens to be actress Yoon Eun Hye. Per allkpop:

This all started when Soyeon saw Sua wearing a Kenzo brand shirt and remarked that she also had the same shirt.

Sua commented that it was hard to acquire the shirt, and Soyeon responded, “Because these days that unni wears all the Kenzo… I can’t wear it, I won’t wear it.”

Sua asked, “That unni? Then should I take it off?” This is when actress Yoon Ee Na joined in the conversation, commenting, “Do you mean Stitch? Keke”, Sua responded, “Angry Stitch?” and Yoon Ee Na responded, “Old Stitch”.

Sua laughed as she commented, “Kekekekekeke even old???” Yoon Ee Na explained, “Kekeke You can see a lot of wrinkles..” and Soyeon added, “Daebak Stitch kekekeke”.

Yoon Ee Na then commented, “But you know, I don’t think Stitch brushes her teeth.”

First of all, Soyeon barely contributes to the bullying part of the conversation at all. She says she won’t wear a brand because “Stitch” wears it all the time (as someone who refuses to wear Obey with a friend who wears the brand all the time, I sympathize), although she kind of joins in at making fun of Stitch’s wrinkles by adding “Daebak” after Yoon Ee Na lays out a sick wrinkles burn. Secondly, the worst person in this conversation appears to be Yoon Ee Na who storms in out of nowhere, like some Mean Girls version of Kramer, in order to call “Stitch” old, wrinkled and unhygienic without any prompting from Soyeon. So why is there so much focus on Soyeon? Because it perpetuates the narrative that members of T-ara are awful people who drink the blood, tears and dreams of netizens’ angelic oppars and unnirs; a narrative which is only made worse by their comically inept company; Core Content Media (CCM).

Proving that T-ara desperately needs a new PR company, CCM handled this non-story with all the finesse of a drunk elephant by only disputing that the conversation was about Yoon Eun Hye (link). Their version of the story basically boils down to this:

“No, no, no Soyeon and her friends weren’t making fun of a FAMOUS person. They were making fun of a nobody acquaintance of Soyeon’s behind her back. See? All better. Guys? Guys? Why are you still mad?”

Now, maybe something got lost in translation along the way, but for CCM to take a snippet of baseless gossip and give it life by acknowledging it as Something Serious, and then completely misfiring on the response by just disputing the name, and not, you know, the underlying accusations of bullying by Soyeon is amazingly tone deaf, especially in light of T-ara’s bullying debacle last year. It is as if CCM saw some smoke coming out of a house and thought the best way to save the house from possible fire was to take a wrecking ball to it. Sometimes, the best course of action is to let the smoke die out on its own.

Meanwhile, if it is true that “Stitch” is Yoon Eun Hye and not a furry blue alien living in Hawaii then those three be cray cray. Because if Yoon Eun Hye is old, wrinkly and has bad breath then I clearly need to hang out at more senior home brunches:

Gimmie. Now. I'd eat farts for her, bad breath ain't shit.

Gimmie. Now. I’d eat her farts, bad breath ain’t shit.



  1. regardless, she need to take responsibility for her words. words have meaning and the context of what was said SCREAMS wah wah wah i can’t and won’t wear it.

  2. tamaitaiolemotu · · Reply

    if it was really about Yoon Eun Hye then I agree that I should hang out more at the senior homes….Miss Yoon Eun Hye has more class than a bunch of immature and jealous smurfs who will never be able to be in the same ring as Yoon Eun Hye…they can’t even compete with Yoon Eun HYe’s dirty shoes!

  3. tamaitaiolemotu · · Reply

    even if it was not about Yoon Eun Hye but some unpopular person these so-called celebs should not even mouthed out about others. they have just tarnished their own images by being snobbish and wanna-be high class…even if they are in the showbiz world if what they said is like this towards people who vie for them then what a hopeless world of celebs they have been so-called blessed with!

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