Waifu Wednesday: Yoon Bora

Bora cover

Yoon Bora is the main rapper, main dancer and visual of Sistar. She recently finished her run on the unfortunate mess of a variety show Invincible Youth 2 which means that the world is now denied the greatness that is Bora’s legs on a weekly basis.

Bora defies easy description. Looking at her designations, there are arguments that none of them really apply. Her “rapping” lacks personality and cadence, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyorin or Dasom could fill that roll just as easily. Sistar is also a group that almost exclusively employs synchronized choreography so Bora’s title as main dancer seems as meaningful as winning Ms. Congeniality. As for visual, well Sistar isn’t hurting for pretty faces. But while Dasom may have cute on lock, and Hyorin and Soyu ooze sex appeal, none of them blend the two like Bora. Is she a “sexy” idol? A “cute” one? Who cares. Bora can define a new category of “cuexy” as long as she makes the ‘Alone’ dance oh so good.


Bora’s thighs are living Rosetta stones which unlock new secrets about humanity.

Michelangelo’s David was not sculpted so perfectly.

Sistar19 gets everything right with Hyorin’s otherworldly voice and Bora’s heavenly figure.

The most enjoyable hypnosis.

The most enjoyable hypnosis.

Bora is so cute that puppies are filing a class action lawsuit against her for copyright infringement.

The luckiest of innertubes

The luckiest of innertubes

Bora is so sexy that she knows Victoria’s secret.

Breaking: Bora does something. Is attractive.

Breaking: Bora does stuff. Is attractive.

The UN might have to issue a resolution to moderate the lethal weapon that is Yoon Bora.

Something, something gas pump, something insertion, something something engine revving. Yes, taking the low hanging fruit on this one.

Something, something gas pump, something insertion, something something engine revving. Yes, taking the low hanging fruit on this one.

There is only one who can challenge Bora’s title of “cuexy” queen.

Long may they reign.

Long may they reign.

Ok, I was exaggerating when I said that Bora’s dance skills were not, um, readily apparent.

Being Dasom comes with wonderful benefits.

Being Dasom comes with wonderful benefits.

She does alright for herself.

She owns Sistar's signature moves.

Just pretend I wrote something witty here instead of just sitting and staring dumbly.


Oh so happy


  1. BORADORI · · Reply

    I’m telling you Bora’s stickcams are like pr0n. Ever sit in front of your computer and felt frustrated that you couldn’t get one off for the day? Watch one of her stickcams. Guaranteed cure for sufferers of post-chronic masturbation.

    Hyosung and Bora’s children should mate. It’s the only next natural progression for evolution.

    IY2 IS THE BEST IDOL SHOW EVER. Just by the fact that it had the best cast ever assembled. Suzy, Jiyoung, and Bora, these are easily A grade idols in the same damn show. You’re never going to see this kind of formation anywhere else. IY1 had great chemistry and was really fun until the original members left and in came the new ones. IY2 had so much potential, the troika, Boom, Shinyoung, it just needed better directing. But seriously how the fuck can you fuck up with Suzy, Jiyoung, and Bora. It should’ve been the best show ever made.

    1. IY2 had so many problems, and they abandoned any sense of direction about halfway through. Jiyoung was solid, and Suzy was awkward cute/funny. Bora didn’t have many moments. Yewon was probably the funniest idol and I was disappointed that Sunny seemed to phone it in after being so great on IY1. But yeah, not sure how they messed it up so bad with a cast that should have been great.

      Also, would totally donate my services to make sure that the progression in that evolution happens.

  2. BORADORI · · Reply

    Btw, I don’t appreciate you insinuating that my waifu/bais is deadweight. Bora is the undisputed face/visual of Sistar. No Bora no Sistar is how I see it.

    1. Some people argue that Dasom or Soyu bring more to the table but they’re wrong. I’m a pretty big Hyorin stan (love that husky brassy voice) but no one in Sistar holds a candle to Bora when it comes to the looks department.

  3. i love sistar special bora and dassom



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